The Symptoms of the Soul

The Symptoms of the Soul

Have you ever wondered where that pain comes from that has been haunting you for years, or those emotional reactions that you can't seem to control, or a repetitive pattern in your life that has no logical explanation? If you have not yet found a reason in science, or its solution, the answer could be in your past lives. The spirit is immortal and its life is one with experiences in different bodies, cultures, and times. That is why when we incarnate we bring with us physical, emotional, and mental symptoms of traumatic events lived in other bodies.

For the soul, only present time exists. It does not matter if a difficult-to-process event occurred in a past life, during our time in the womb, or from our childhood because for the soul, the past is not the past. The past is with us here and now in the form of symptoms that our soul still carries.

In The Symptoms of the Soul, Sangio shares the concept of entrapment and the timelessness of the soul as a consequence of a traumatic experience, as well as the process by which it becomes trapped and the symptoms this can generate, sharing real cases of hypnosis sessions for a better understanding.

Born in 1968 in Lima, Peru, Antonio began his training as a systems engineer, then migrated to the field of hypnotherapy. After being trained by great masters such as Dolores Cannon, Aurelio Mejia, Michael Newton (The Newton Institute), and Jose Luis Cabouli, he has dedicated his last years to the practice and teaching of regressive hypnosis. While facilitating sessions for people from all over the world, Sangio has published The Purpose of My Soul (2020), Guiding Lost Souls (2021) and his latest book, The Symptoms of the Soul (2022), in which he shows us that many times symptoms that lack scientific explanation can originate in memories of this life excluded from the conscious mind, during our time in the womb, or even from a past life.

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