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It's a transpersonal technique developed by Dr. José Luis Cabouli,  that consists in bringing to the conscious mind hidden traumatic experiences from past memories and events from past lives or the current one, that are affecting us at the subconscious level now, to work with them therapeutically.
Past Life Therapy is a therapy of the soul because, the pains is in the soul and it is the soul what must be healed. The cause of all psychic pain, all behavior and all wrong attitude lies in the soul.
By facilitating the conscious encounter with the soul, Past Life Therapy, not only helps us to alleviate the pain and emotions that disturb us in our daily lives but also leads us to understand the meaning, the reason and the importance of this life.
What is Past Life Therapy (TVP) Based On?
DVT is based on three basic preises:
  • The inclusion of past life experiences in therapeutic work.
  •  The direct relationship between the psychic symptoms of the present life and the traumatic experiences of previous lives.
  • The natural capacity of human beings to remember their previous lives.

Many of the emotional difficulties and conflicts of our present life have their origin in traumatic or painful experiences lived in previous existences. These experiences do not end with death and leave an emotional aftereffect that remains engraved in the most intimate part of our being and is projected into subsequent lives.

At the moment of leaving the body, the soul can take with it a heavy burden made up of conflicting emotions. Fear, guilt, anguish, helplessness and other feelings are intermingled with anger, hatred, rage or thirst for revenge.

How Does One Come To Relive the Original Trauma?
We work with the expanded state of consciousness. This state is totally different from that of hypnosis. The expansion of consciousness means to be aware of the here and now at the same time that one is aware of another dimension. When the person meets his expanded consciousness is the meeting with his soul or, if you prefer with his higher self. In this state, there is no time. All experiences are in the soul at the same time and it is the soul who reviews their past experiences and works with them to release the emotional energies that disturb it.
To be in an expanded state of consciousness is to be in touch with the soul. In that state it is possible to bring into the habitual consciousness the traumatic experience responsible for the current problem.
These emotions are installed in the soul in the form of energy. These emotional energies in turn give rise to patterns of behavior, commands and beliefs, stereotyped reactions and a compulsion to repetition that conditions our daily actions.

When facing different circumstances we have to live with every day, we react unknowingly, driven by these forces from the past. The more unusual and out of place a reaction is, the more likely it is to be an emotion originating from an afterlife event. For the soul, time does not exist. Everything is there, at the same time. In reality we are living many lives at the same time.

When faced with a given situation, we react emotionally without being able to avoid it is because on an unconscious level our soul is reliving an experience that was reactivated by analogy with the present situation. For example, let's imagine a person with claustrophobia. Every time he is in a closed place he experiences anguish, suffocation and a feeling of impending death. This is what is objectified on a conscious physical level. But on another level, his soul may be remembering a death by asphyxiation in a mine collapse. The person is not aware of this but since his soul is reliving that experience then he experiences all the physical and emotional sensations of the previous death. Every time he is faced with the possibility of being trapped in an enclosed place he will experience the emotional reactions of claustrophobia without being able to avoid it.

How Does Past Life Therapy Work?
The basis of the therapeutic action of TVP is the revival of the original trauma and is called regression to the therapeutic experience itself. Through regression the person relives the original traumatic event that is causing the current problem.

By reliving the original traumatic event the person feels and experiences in his body all the sensations and emotions as if he were there. If a lance was driven into him, he feels the pain as the lance enters his flesh. If they fall off a cliff, they experience the vertigo of the fall and the impact of hitting the ground. If you died in a mine collapse you must experience the choking, the despair, the panic and the suffocation until all those sensations are gone. It is not enough to remember. It is the revival of the traumas of the past, with all its burden of emotions and sensations, that purifies the soul and erases the symptom. When the energy is released, the symptom disappears.

While it is true that the essence of Past Life Therapy is working with our past lives, the therapeutic experience does not end here. As a general rule, past life incidents are reactivated by traumatic circumstances that occur during fetal life, birth, and early childhood. If in a past life a person died by hanging and in his current life he was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, at the moment of birth he will have experienced the same choking he experienced in his previous death. This episode is what reactivates the emotional memory at an unconscious level that will later manifest as a physical symptom for which no solution can be found. In the regression, experiences from the early stages of life today that could have reactivated the emotional memory of the previous past must be explored and worked on.

What Can Be Worked With Past Life Therapy?

Basically everything that is a usual reason for a psychotherapist to consult. Phobias, fears, anguish, depression, blockages, feelings of guilt, repeated failures either on an affective or material level, behavioural disorders, sexual disturbances, relationship conflicts, suicidal tendency and psychosomatic illnesses such as allergies, bronchospasm or psoriasis among others.

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