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I was born in Lima, Perú. Since childhood I always felt the need to seek alternative explanations for everything my parents and teachers taught me and expected me to accept without question-- teachings on various aspects of family life, relationships, principles, values, and why not, religion also...

Since I was a small child, I questioned every social and religious structure which tried to enclose me, maybe because I unconsciously knew there were other truths and explanations that we were not allowed access to.

During my adolescence and youth I felt that I was a spectator of the interpersonal relationships of all those around me. I greatly enjoyed analyzing human beings and seeing the complexity with which their lives unfolded cyclically, establishing a relationship of cause and effect with those who were part of their environment. I felt the need to find the cause of a problem and to outline various alternative paths that could have been taken to have avoided the situation.

In the following years I developed a special interest in computers and this is how I became a systems engineer, specializing in computer networks. With great pleasure I discovered that working with systems was becoming relatively easy because, once again, I was faced with my fascination to analyze, even though in this situation, it was with computers, communications, alternative routes, rules and protocols, thus finding the solution to each issue.

I have always been attracted by metaphysical subjects, interests that were enhanced by listening to my father talking about these topics and commenting on the books he had read. This is how I first heard about Dr. Brian Weiss and his book "Many Lives Many Masters", in which he explains the concept of past lives and reincarnation. Even though I was not able to read it back then, the concept was always running through my mind.

It was not until twenty years later, after the death of my wife's mother, that the book "Many Lives Many Masters" landed in my hands again. This time, I not only read the book, but also others by the same author, being totally fascinated by and attracted to the subject.

Days later while looking for regression videos on the internet, I found regressive hypnosis sessions recorded by Mr. Aurelio Mejia, a Colombian hypnotherapist. Through these videos, I could see in practice all the things that were mentioned in the book by Dr. Weiss.

Some time later in the quest to learn about regressive hypnosis I ran into Dolores Cannon’s website where I not only found valuable information, but also the possibility of attending her classes and learning Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. Almost a year later I had the honor of learning Aurelio Mejía's Itrospective Hypnosis Technique during his stay in Charlotte and receiving the Clinical Hypnosis certification from his own hands.

In 2019 I got my certification from The Newton Institute as a Life Between Lives (LBL) therapist and in 2020 my TVP (Past Life Therapy) certification from José Luis Cabouli.

I have had the honor of witnessing firsthand how the lives of many people have profoundly changed during and after the hypnosis sessions. Once again, life leads me to analyze the communications, interrelationships, and the rules and protocols of human beings to find the root cause of their affective, emotional, physical and existential problems. The difference being that this time issues originating in past lives may be affecting the current one.

About Me

"There are no coincidences in life, each of us has chosen the lessons we must learn in life. We chose our parents, our environment and those with whom we will interact in our journey. Planet earth is our classroom. We attend with the memories of our past lives erased. Our goal is to remember who we are and what we came for (our mission) and achieve what we call "spiritual awakening". And once we achieve this we must help others awaken too!"

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