Guiding Lost Souls

Guiding Lost Souls

Did you know that beyond what our senses perceive, there is a more subtle dimension inhabited by spirits? During the process of dying, there are a number of factors that influence the way in which the spirit detaches from its body. Some will easily cross the threshold; others will remain on this plane attached to their possessions, their loved ones, their belief system, and even their thirst for revenge; and a few will not realize they have passed on and will remain disoriented among us.
After the death of the physical body, those who remain here become lost souls, keeping their fears, traumas, judgments, and convictions. It is they who, for different reasons, attach to our vibratory field, consciously or unconsciously, transmitting their energy and symptoms to us and making us perceive them as our own.
In this book, the author shares the hypnosis techniques he uses to guide lost souls with love towards the light, as he learned from his teachers. In these pages he narrates how, during the sessions he conducts, he understands their suffering and helps them to complete that which was left unfinished, and which led them to be trapped on this plane.

Born in 1968 in Lima, Peru, he began his training as a systems engineer and then transitioned to the field of hypnotherapy. After being trained by great masters such as Dolores Cannon, Aurelio Mejía, Michael Newton (The Newton Institute), and José Luis Cabouli, he has dedicated his last eight years to the practice and teaching of regressive hypnosis. After facilitating more than a thousand sessions to people from all over the world, he decided to write My Soul’s Purpose (2020), his first book. Now, with Guiding Lost Souls he seeks to convey all the tools he uses to help his spiritual brothers and sisters, as he calls them.

"In hypnosis, there is a technique to guiding lost souls to the light: always treat them with love, patience, and compassion."

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