Learn Hypnosis

Learn Hypnosis

There is nothing that has given me more satisfactions that helping my clients overcome their traumas and the physical, emotional and mental symptoms they had caused. Through my years of practice, I have not only been able to help others but I have also been able to advance in my own spiritual evolutions thanks to my client’s experiences and sessions.

I feel blessed for being able to facilitate sessions client people's lives are transformed, while they reclaim the full potential of their soul from the sad events and traumas they experienced from a few years ago, from childhood, their time in the womb and even from past lives. The soul is the one that carries memories and traumas from other bodies we have occupied. Working on the root cause, the event that originated that trauma, makes the symptom disappear.

I the following techniques:

  • Introspective Hypnosis
  • Past Life Therapy

Introspective Hypnosis Course

This is a six-day course in which I teach hypnosis from the basic. You don't need previous hypnosis knowledge. This course is offered live and live-online.
At the end of this course you will be able to start facilitating your own sessions as you get more experienced.

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Past Life Therapy

Created Dr. José Luis Cabouli’s technique, I have been authorized to teach it following the same structure I learning from him. This coursed is offered in two modules of six days each with 3 months in between to have enough time to practice what was learned in module 1.
This course is intensive and includes several practice and demo sessions. In order to take this course, students need to have experience facilitating sessions and regressions.

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