***Only for those who took Introspective Hypnosis Course or Past Life Therapy***
I am glad to inform you that I am now able to offer mentoring for those who take the Introspective Hypnosis course. Either if you want to review what you learned during class or want to keep improving your skills or have questions about the sessions you have been facilitating, then this is the right option for you.
Getting answers to your questions as you start practicing IH, is going to make a big difference until you get the confidence and experience you need while using the several techniques you learned.
As you review the manual and videos you may come up with lots of questions to ask. If you are facilitating sessions already, you might have found situations in what you needed advice or understand what took place and how you could have handled it.
Monthly Subscription $10

If you recently took the IH, you might need some input and feedback as you start practicing. I know this takes some time and effort, but I also know, from personal experience, that it is easier when you get the guidance you need to make the corrections you need early in your practice.
How does this work?
Mentoring will be provided in the form of monthly online video conferences and through our web platform.  This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the members of our group, ask questions, exchange ideas and experience.
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